Where are we?

We are in the heart of Rapallo! 

ParlaComeMangi is situated in front of the sea of the Golf of Tigullio, 

in the so-called Chiosco della Musica Square 

but in reality it’s called Martiri della Liberazione Square.

However, you can also enter from the famous “Caruggio Dritto”,

the shopping strip of Rapallo, address Via Mazzini at Number 44, heart of downtown.

Contact Us!

ParlaComeMangi de La Bottega Infinita srl unipersonale
Partita IVA e Codice Fiscale 02491180994
Via Mazzini 44, angolo Vico Fabrizio De André
16035 Rapallo (Città Metropolitana di Genova)
Bottega: +39 0185 230530
Enoteca: +39 0185 234993 – +39 328 215 5098
Office: +39 0185 233239
E-mail for general deli-store info and products:
E-mail for tasting/tourist events:
E-mail for catering events:

Opening Hours

Monday through Saturday
Morning: from 8:00 until 13:00
Afternoon:  from 16:00 until 20:00
We are closed on Sundays in the months of November, January, February, and March.
In April and May the deli-shop is open on Sunday mornings.
During the summer we are open every day; however, on Sundays we open at 17:00.

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