Our Services

Oh my gosh, I have to plan an event!

From a small banquet on a house terrace to a corporate event in a castle, we have served plenty of guests.

Our catering is done with passion, we treat your Event as if it’s our own: with responsibility and with the want to be remembered. 

We don’t provide a “passive” Catering service, we are aware of what we are communicating to your guests, we interact with them as if we were you, with focus and attention.

It gives us pleasure knowing that the menu we propose is made through listening to your wants and needs and it won’t be a duplicate of a menu from another Client.  Our staff is always aware of what they are serving to your Guests and will always have a smile on their face and in their hearts; because doing things right, makes it more fun.  

We’re all ears: what, when and where?

In the deli-shop, on the fairy boats, on the yacht, in the Villas, in the Castles, in the Shops, these places compliment the quality of the products and dishes served; it’s an effective, fun and engaging story, using the art of Theatre to teach us.
We have locations in some of Liguria’s famous and spectacular tourist spots, Portofino, Santa Margherita, Rapallo, Camogli and Genova.

Help! I don’t know what to give as a gift!

Everything that is in ParlaComeMangi’s shop can make for a memorable gift.

We have the experience and the care to personally fit your expectations while giving attention to detail and good taste.

We are able to manage deliveries and ensure that they reach their destination safe and sound and on time.  

For us, it’s more fun giving a gift than receiving a gift.  

Trust us.  Lets make a deal!

I have a yacht to fill with good stuff…

…lucky you!

Don’t fill it with products already seen, already drank that you can find with any  “supplier”.  

We are well aware of the needs aboard ships and the needs of the chef that has to handle the galley.  

Smooth sailings ahead…making sure you enjoy your holiday, we got it!

I own a restaurant and I love your products!

All of the artisanal products and wines that we have selected, have a price list and a targeted service for a more competent and ambitious restaurant business.

We don’t only sell the products but also the assistance, the education, and the customized sale.

Trust us, only together can we obtain great satisfaction. 

Thank you for your interest in our Entertasting events. Please provide us with the following information, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.